Creating Office Stationary in R with ggplot2


Michael Pascale


August 29, 2023

Often when reaching a milestone — say, just after the new year or upon starting a new job — I spend (more than) a few hours of time excitedly putting together calendars and note-taking systems, in the name of reorganizing my life. While this behavior is usually little more than procrastination, cleverly disguised as efficiency and probably serving my instant gratification monkey more than my long term goals, I like to think that it is at least somewhat a process of iterative and creative self-improvement. Most times I engage in this improvement, I buy a few pens and notebooks, a whiteboard, index cards, or other physical writing formats.

Well, rather than spending hours of my life drawing, this time I decided to type.

The programming and graphics facilities provided by R make it an excellent choice for generation of scientific figures and reports. Certainly it wouldn’t be difficult to print custom calendars too?